Sunday, June 27, 2010

June was full of fun! I think it’s true – everyone does love a parade!! I had the opportunity to participate in two in June and it’s wonderful to see the excitement on everyone's faces, young and old alike. Waves and smiles and laughter from everyone and to that gentleman who did that figure 8 type pageant wave – right back at you!! He was so funny…and so sincere and so cute – thank you!! Mark Agnew's Boat is amazing – if you think it looks big in the pictures – wow – it is a BIG BOAT.
I also had a chance to see yet another sister queen crowned – Mrs. Ohio America 2010 Kimberly Miller. She’s a ventriloquist and I found that my childhood fascination with this art remains today – what a talent. Congratulations Kimberly!!

The best part of June was the Kilwin's Fundraiser for NORD. My college roommate and Kilwin’s outlet owner Jacqueline Jackson was so generous to host the event. I was joined by Anji Meidel Mrs. Illinois America 2009. We had the best time together scooping ice cream on Father's Day and raising money and awareness for Rare Disease. It was hard work but very rewarding and I’d like to say Thank You to everyone that came out to support the cause and send a big hug to Jackie and Anji for taking the time to participate in such a gracious manner.

I also received some wonderful news this month. The young lady that I judged in the Miss University Nigeria Pageant won the associated National Pageant. Powede Lawrence was crowned Miss University Africa 2010. She was an obvious standout at the Nigerian Pageant and I had a feeling she’d bring it all home. What an accomplishment and I congratulate her. I am so very proud of her – I knew she could do it.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Fun & Family at Chicago's Kilwin's

Scooping at the counter -- much harder than you'd imagine!!!

Donnie & I with Anji Meidel, Mrs. Illinois America 2009 

Stephanie and Anji

Stephanie & Anji with Kilwin's Owner and Rare Disease Event Sponsor Jacqueline Jackson

Sunday, June 20, 2010

With Mrs. Ohio America 1988 Doreen Luke at the 2010 Mrs. Ohio America Pageant

Mrs. Ohio 2009 Stephanie Gooden

With the Newly Crowned Mrs. Ohio 2010 Kimberly Miller

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Looking forward to this special event!! It's going to be a great...and yummy day!!

With Mark Agnew owner of Agnew Graphics, the official sponsor of the
Traverse City Memorial Day Parade

This was a very big boat!!!

Miss USA 2010

Michigan Does It Again!!

Attending the Miss USA 2010 Pageant in Vegas was as exciting an experience as you can imagine!! The State of Michigan reigned supreme once again when Dearborn’s Rima Fakih was crowned Miss USA 2010. The last time I visited a National Pageant at Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas I had the honor of witnessing Kirsten Haglund’s successful bid for Miss America 2008…what a night that was!! If these two women were not as wonderfully talented and beautiful as they are…I might start thinking that I’m a State Good Luck Charm. Wishful thinking on my part (LOL)!

Getting together with old friends I get to reconnect with at events just like this was only half the fun; forging new connections with the industry’s up and coming is a blast…and inspiring! Carl Dunn, CEO of Pageantry Magazine was very interesting, and it was an honor to meet The Donald himself, the CEO of the Miss Universe Organization. I would love to do Celebrity Apprentice? Mr. Trump, I’m putting that out there. :)

Does the girl make the gown or does the gown make the girl?! If it’s a Johnathan Kayne original…The Gown is it!!! A very very special thanks goes out to Designer Johnathan Kayne for making me look amazing for Preliminary & Finals night. Wow!!

Till Next Time!!

Love Stephanie