Monday, August 22, 2011


Congratulations to Florida’s Shannon Ford -- Our new Mrs. United States!!!

Congratulations also have to go to Mrs. Michigan Annette Kelly for winning Physical Fitness and placing in the top 12 and Heidi Scheer from Michigan who represented the District of Columbia and also placed in the top 12. Michigan women were in the house that night! I was so proud!

I remember all too well the thrill of hearing my name and my state called out -- One of many memories that I cherish from my days competing in the Mrs. United States System. Another is the day after my win in 2007 at a private meeting with Isabella. She stated then that she was an Icon of Beauty Pageants and having successfully produced 25 years worth of spectacular pageants, I couldn’t agree with her more. I commend her on her ability to combine excellence and integrity with the glamour that is the Mrs. United States Pageant System.

The 25th Pageant was so much fun!! We had a ball getting together and talking about old times, good times...and what we’re all up to now. It’s what the Sisterhood of Pageantry is all about.

(photo credit Joe Pier)