Sunday, March 18, 2012

More than a few days in the life of....

Stephanie was recently asked to participate in Theo Schear’s current project. This is what he told us:

“We've all seen enough of the Little Ms. Sunshines and the glitter-faced girls with tiny tiaras and makeup, but what happens when beauty pageants grow up? Who are these smiling swimsuit model women that represent our states and countries? Pageants are a staple of American culture, but exist outside of popular media. Through Stephanie we can find the truth about the form and function of American beauty pageants.”

Theo will be shadowing Stephanie over the next 4 weeks documenting her life inside and outside the pageant world. Images and details from their journey together will be shared here.

Township work Pittsfield

A special St. Patrick's Day celebration of mother Mary's Birthday

Theo Schear is a photographer and filmmaker from Oakland, CA, studying at the University of Michigan. He is the winner of the Fair Trade USA Fair Trade Fits video contest. You may visit Theo HERE

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